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Newbie :)

I'm very new at this community and I don't know so much about MUCC... yet! You're gonna change that I hope :D
Anyway, I was wondering if someone knows any good site with lots of MUCC mp3s for download? I'm on my way to buy their CD but I have to wait one month and I need something meanwhile!

Thanks alot! And if I'm not allowed to write this kinda entry, please tell me and I(someone?)'ll erase it.
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Hey! My friend told me that she found alot on this site so goodluck with that! You have to sign up for it though (but it's free!)
Thanks alot! :D I'll check!
Random rotation sites have mp3's from time to time... I know J-rock reservoir ( had the Kokoro no Nai Machi single up.
Oh thanks alot! I'll check it out!