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Kare ga shinda hi?

Hmm... I wonder, why "友達が死んだ日" is so frequently transcribed as "Kare ga shinda hi"? AFAIK 友達 can be only read as ともだち [tomodachi]... Personally I believe that the correct title is "Tomodachi ga shinda hi" (that should be translated as "The day, when the friend died" if I understood it properly), but maybe I just don't know something... Can anyone tell me am I right or wrong? Where that "kare" comes from any why?
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It is in fact in the booklet that way, as well.
It's "kare" because Japanese is crazy like that and to be "deep" people like to change yomi-gana (way of reading the kanji). You listen to a lot of other bands of indies or visual kei and you find they often have examples like this.
I like how you put "deep" in quotation marks. Haaa.

If you look next to the first two kanji, you can see the 'kare' there in the lyrics booklet on the song title.

As for why, I don't know. They like to use weird Japanese. I actually don't know Japanese that well, and therefore, had a fun little romp through the kanji dictionary to try to figure out what was going on, but..to no avail.

But anyway....it's there, just so you know people aren't precisely mistranslating, or pulling things out of their butt. Your kanji reading is of course correct, as that is one of the basic compounds for '友', but apparently there is more to the title than just that.

Or, long story short, MUCC are weird.
erm... yea i just happened to come by >.>;;

its read as kare b/c... mucc is special o_o "kare" can mean "he" in japanese so they could mean that my friend died, w/out saying friend.


either that or "tomodachi" was too long to sing. O_o