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broken_waltz's Journal

Broken Waltz::.Ver.1.0 MUCC
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<b>Welcome to Broken Waltz; the first community for the Jrock band MUCC (ムック)</B>

Vocals: Tatsurou (達郎)
Bass: Yukke
Guitar: Miya
Drums: Satochi (Satoち)<br><br>
<br>I'm not one to have a lot of rules; so here are the few that have to be followed;<br>
1_) No flaming other members of the community <b>or</b> the members of MUCC themselves. Disrespect shall not be tolerated :D<br>
2_) Creative critism and opinions are welcomed (and appriciated ^_^)<br>
3_)No plugging for other communities. If they are related to Jrock or MUCC, thats fine. I don't want to see any plugs for a "omgluvme" community here.
4_)Enjoy yourself and have fun talking with your fellow MUCC fans ^_^<br><br>
<b>_Links_</b>(a few links to sites containing pictures/infomation/ect about MUCC)<br>
http://www.55-69.com (official site)<br>
http://food-nouveau.net/verloreneseelen/<br>Have a link that you want to share? Contact me (<lj user="zombie_hero">) and I will post it as soon as possible.